SOLARRI Tungsten Watches began with a love for the saying, “Form Follows Function,” coined by famed architect Louis Sullivan. Whereas the function of a watch is more than just telling time; it is also the amalgamation of art and engineering. Enter the newest, hardest, most durable, most brilliant material- Tungsten Carbide, and SOLARRI watches was born. Amazing efforts were implemented to bring you what will be the most astonishing watch you've ever worn.   

SOLARRI has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge designs since 2009. The Chicago-based design studio now ventures into the hottest precious metal- tungsten carbide. With SOLARRI’s new line of genuine tungsten carbide watches we are at the absolute forefront of watch design, quality and durability. SOLARRI watches embody ultra modern flare with homage to classic roots. Add in a genuine Swiss movement, and the ideal watch is conjured.   

Tungsten Carbide is the next hardest material to diamond. It cannot be scratched except with a diamond. SOLARRI watches are hand polished with diamond dust to a microscopically smooth, astonishing mirror shine. This shine is so astonishing due to the interplay of reflected and refracted light, that only seeing one in person can do it any justice. SOLARRI’s tungsten watches also display the 5% tint of Titanium color with is characteristic of the carbon within tungsten carbide. At a 5,200° melting point, SOLARRI tungsten carbide watches necessitate a proprietary method of manufacture. Due to the incredible and laborious processes necessary to properly create such a watch, only one other elite watch brand has succeeded in bringing a genuine tungsten carbide watch to market. Others can only poorly imitate the look.  


SOLARRI is also a new solar case manufacturer and distributor of next-generation, fashion charging devices. With our significant economies of scale, we provide the best quality at a much lower price than our competitors. 

Ever since battery-operated communication and work devices became popular, an inherent restriction arouse. Their function was limited to battery life. Now, with a SOLARRI, the duration of those functions have been extended far, far, far beyond their original capabilities- with SOLARRI's wall-chargable battery pack alone. Add the eco-friendly solar panel, and those devices can theoretically be run for ever. That is the need- SOLARRI is the solution.

Retailers and other merchants may order stock for their stores by calling (708) 539-3339

How do SOLARRI solar panels work?

     The solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) cells (photo means 'light', voltaic means 'energy').  Each panel is made out of poly-crystalline silicon, a semiconductor material also used in the manufacturing of computer chips. When light hits the semiconductor it is absorbed and part of its energy is transferred to the semiconductor.  The energy knocks electrons loose allowing them to flow freely through a circuit.  PV cells also have electric fields that force the freed electrons to flow in a certain direction. This flow of electrons is an electric current. By putting metal contacts on the top and bottom of a PV cell the electric current can be channeled and used to power any electrical device. 

Once collected, the electricity from the solar panels is directly transfered to the SOLARRI internal battery back, using a detachable wire. Once enough is stored, you can plug in you laptop, cell phone, or other devices anytime.