What's Included
Li-ion battery pack
14 different cell phone adaptors and USB adaptor
15 different laptop adaptors and connection cable
AC/DC wall outlet adaptor (with U.S. standard plug)
Battery Specifications
USB OUT Socket
Connects to the USB wire to provide 5V output for small devices such as phones, PDAs, some cameras etc.
18V IN (DC IN Socket)
Connects the battery to power input sources: the solar panel, AC wall chargers, or car chargers

OUT Socket
Connects the wire for charging laptop computers and other
Power Indicator Meter
Pressing the battery button as shown displays the battery's charge level in the same row used for the 3, 6, 9, 12 Voltage selection. The battry charge percentages are shown at the top. Note that the 16V selection is lit up in blue because the battery was running a HP laptop at the time of this photo.

Power Off/On button
Hold this button for a few seconds (5-10) to turn on the battery.
The On/Off button is also used to switch the output voltage- just doublt-click it.
1) Turn on the battery by pressing the power button for 5-10 seconds

2)  Choose the correct output voltage (by double-clicking the On/Off button) to match your laptop's by checking the laptop instructions. Generally, 16V and 19V are standard for most laptops.

3)  Plug the connection cable to the OUT socket of the battery

4)  Connect the suitable laptop adaptor, then start working!

Charging Mobile Phones, Cameras & MP3/4 Players
1)  Plug the USB wire into the USB OUT

2) Connect the suitable adaptor to the other end of the USB wire

3)  Connect cell phones, cameras, MP3/4 and other small electronics to the adaptors, then start working!

Note: There is no need to switch the voltage of the battery when charging small electronics from the USB OUT since it always outputs 5V.

Charging the battery from the Sun
1)  Put the SOLARRI case under direct sunlight

2)  Connect the solar panel wire (top-right in photo) to the 18V IN socket

Note: Tilt the solar panels directly towards the sun for best charging. Charging times will vary based on weather conditions, but will generally take 4 hours to fully charge under ideal conditions.
Charging the battery from a wall socket
1)  Connect the AC/DC adaptor to the DC IN slot on the battery.

2)  Plug the wall socket and start charging the Li-ion battery by
    AC power

Note: The battery pack has an automatic shut-off function for when the batteries become fully charged. Thus, overcharging is impossible.
Note: for best running performance, connect the battery to the laptop after the laptop has been turned on. The battery can run a small laptop for up to 9 hours and a large, 17 inch one for 3 hours. Select any "power saving" options on your laptop and try not to use power-hungry applications like watching DVDs to further extended use.

Under no circumstances is SOLARRI responsible for damage to electronic devices resulting from improper voltage selection or any other event. Consult you device's operation manual or support team for assurance.
◎ 20,000mAh LiPo battery capacity (4.5 times the juice of a typical laptop battery)
◎ Built-in short circuit, over charge, over discharge, and device protections
◎ Streamlined, thin, flat, and light weight design
◎ 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 19, 22 V, 24V output options (via USB)
◎ Maximum output of 24V @ 4A @ 96 Watt, which can recharge a truck battery
◎ Voltage foolproof design- you cannot switch voltage during use
◎ Includes 16 laptop adapters
◎ Cycle life is more than 500 times at 100% original capacity
◎ Carries charge for 2 months
◎ LED information lighting features
◎ CE, FCC, ROHS certified
◎ 282 x 205 x 20mm dimensions
◎ Weighs 1.76 pounds
◎ 3.7 voltage capacity default
◎ Includes AC100~240V wall power adaptor
◎ DC car plug
◎Iron internal safety shell
◎Excellent low-power path design and energy conversion efficiency (92% to 93.4%) which is the highest performance of similar products at present.
◎ Wide range of applications: supports MP3/MP4/IPOD/PSP game players, mobile phones, PDAs, CD players, GPS units, digital cameras, electronic book readers, laptops, netbooks, Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and many other electronic products.
◎ Exclusive output voltage regulator with stable output drop (which can protect your electronic products, and extend service life)
◎ High-power Lithium-ion Polymer battery (LiPO), with working environmental temperature of between -10 ℃ to +70 ℃

For the first charge, fully charge the battery using the AC/DC plug and a wall outlet.


*Do not submerge battery in water or otherwise short circuit. If the
battery gets wet, unplug any devices and the solar panels or other
power source. Leave until completely dry and reconnect.

*Do not store battery outside the range of 0° to 40°Celsius (32° to 104°F). This can damage the battery or reduce its useful life.

*Do not disassemble or tamper with battery.

*Dispose of battery properly. Do not dispose of in trash or incinerate.

Far-Left switch
The far-left switch, next to the USB OUT is used to switch the output voltage group from (3, 6, 9, 12 V TOP group) to the (16, 19, 22, 24 V BOTTOM group) on the red display. Once switched, double-clicking the Off/ON button selects a voltage among that row.
Running a Laptop
Some of our laptop adaptors
Some of the cell phone connectors